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The Alexander Technique is a method of making lasting changes to the way we use ourselves in daily life. Good use is a natural attribute - it can easily be seen in the effortless balance of small children - but we tend to lose this ability as we grow older, and instead settle into patterns of misuse which determine the way we set about our everyday activities. These patterns can be responsible for much strain and misalignment but, being deep-seated, they go largely unrecognised and untouched by exercise or therapy. Undoing them requires a re-learning of how we react and move. The Alexander Technique provides this. By using the principles of the Technique, old fixed habits of posture and movement can be unravelled, and a new, more conscious way of moving is learnt.  This develops greater ease and flexibility, improved balance and co-ordination, and a reduction in ongoing stresses and tensions within the body.


The process is taught through gentle hands-on guidance and verbal instruction. Lessons are given on a one-to-one basis. The number of lessons needed is a matter of individual choice. For some, just a few gives them what they need to know, others prefer to have regular lessons for several months. 


The Alexander Technique excels as a practical method for change and self-help. It is uniquely beneficial and the skills learnt last a lifetime.

The Alexander Technique 

What is it?

lengthening, head forward and up, good use, poise, balance, grace, posture
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