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I have taught the Alexander Technique since 1986 and during that time have built up an extensive teaching practice in the Wadhurst/Tunbridge Wells area. 

I first learnt of the Alexander Technique in 1980 and was caught by its combination of insight, wisdom and practical commonsense. Alexander's insistence that we must "quicken the conscious mind" in order to make real change in ourselves greatly appealed to me and I felt that the Technique embodied a truth that took it far beyond the hype of fad or fashion. I trained to become a teacher at the New Alexander School in Hampstead, London where we were fortunate to have regular visits from Walter Carrington, one of the few original teachers trained by Alexander and who had worked closely with him until Alexander's death in 1955. 

I grew up in the South Island of New Zealand with the wild tussock land and snow peaks of the Southern Alps on our doorstep. I came to England in 1975 having graduated from the University of Otago with a degree in English. I now live in the quiet of the beautiful East Sussex countryside with my husband and three daughters. 

Charlotte Rolleston-Smith 
Member of the Society of Teachers of The Alexander Technique


Charlotte Rolleston-Smith, Alexander Technique
Charlotte Rolleston-Smith 

Mackenzie Country, New Zealand 

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