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Cost: £43

Duration: 40 minutes

How many lessons will I need?


This will depend on you and what you are seeking from Alexander lessons. 

If you would like to have just a few to get an idea of what the Alexander

Technique can offer, then a run of about 6 lessons is a good introduction. 

If you would prefer to commit to regular lessons spread over several

months, then a course of 20 to 30 provides a sound foundation.  This will

give you time to establish the skills to maintain what you have learnt.   In

this case I suggest pupils consider having up to 20 lessons on a weekly

basis, and thereafter reduce the frequency of lessons to suit.   I advise

pupils to have, if possible, the first 4 to 6 lessons twice weekly.  For

children, I suggest a course of 8 to 12 lessons, coming weekly for the first

6 to 8, and thereafter choosing the frequency of lessons to suit.  


What should I wear?


Loose comfortable clothing is best.  You will only need to take off your



What happens in a lesson?


The main focus will be on the simple activities of sitting, standing, walking and bending, and, if you are comfortable with so doing, lying in semi-supine on a treatment table for 10 to 15 minutes. You will be guided in movement by a very light touch from the teacher and emphasis will be placed on how you can utilise your power of thinking to set change in motion.  As lessons progress, more complex activities can be introduced.  You will be learning how to carry yourself, react and move in any situation, in a way which is no longer dominated by your old habitual use patterns.  This will enable you to experience an increasing sense of lightness and ease in whatever you do

Do you run groups or classes?

I do not run groups or classes.

For children under 16 the cost is £37 and duration 30 minutes. 

The Alexander Technique 
Frequently Asked Questions 
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Lightness and ease in sitting

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